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We know that searching for jobs may be easy, but finding the right one is not a walk in the park.



By sharing your thoughts in our study, you are shaping the future of recruitment!



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  • Exclusive tips and tricks on landing your dream job
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  • Chance to win Amazon Vouchers
  • Tailored list of internships from Top Talent Friendly Companies
  • An opportunity to meet top global employers at our Potentialpark Conference.


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Want to speak at TEDxRiga 2019? Enter Story Hunt contest

If you have an idea worth spreading and a story to be told, enter our Story Hunt for a chance to speak on the stage at TEDxRiga 2019. Ideas are worth sharing so don’t keep yours under wraps. Together, we’ll make your idea heard!


What is your outlook on life and is there something significant you’ve noticed?
Are you working on something that might change and shape the future or maybe you have a vision that the rest of the world should hear?
Do you see a certain way things should be and you’ve already done the research on how it could work?
If you are a person who likes to think about the problems that engulf the world and you see a way on how to deal with them then maybe it’s time for your voice to be heard.



More information about forum and application can be found in TEDxRiga webpage.

Winter Courses on International Law

The Winter Courses are a new programme since 2019. The second Winter Courses will be held January 6-24 2020, a period of 3 weeks, during which high level courses on International Law (both Public and Private) will be given at The Hague Academy of International Law.


Programme, application guidelines and scholarships can be found at Hague Academy website.

ICSS Brussels on 12 July 1C3-5E9

You are welcome to join ICSS XIX, 19th International Conference on Social Sciences in Brussels on 12-13 July 2019 at the premises of Université Libre de Bruxelles.
You are welcome to register with your abstract, full paper and poster presentation in person or virtually until 30 June 2019 at:
The conference has 5 sessions in the fields of Social, Educational, Language, Economics and Multidisciplinary Sciences.
The accepted abstracts/full texts are published in proceedings book with ISBN and the full texts in one of the 12 scientific indexed journals, four of which published by De Gruyter.

Important Dates
Registration & Abstract Deadline: 24 June 2019 (early registrations and abstracts are appreciated)
Payment Deadline: 5 July 2019 (early payments will be helpful for better travel planning)
Conference Dates: 12-13 July 2019
Authors can send the full text: within a month after the conference
We will publish full text proceedings: within 5 weeks after the conference
We will publish scientific journals: within 5 weeks after the conference

Participation Fees
In-Person: 1 author: €210, 2 Authors: €140 each, 3+ Authors: €130 each*
Virtual: 1 author: €190, 2 authors: €110 each, 3+ authors: €100 each**
Second Paper of the same author(s): €140

Contact information:

Email: icss19@euser.org
Tel, WhatsApp:+32 258 806