Career day

The Career Day of RTU is the largest event devoted to student career and practice related issues in Latvia, which over the years has helped students start or develop their professional career.

It’s aim is to inform engineering science, natural and social science students about the best and strongest companies in the respective fields, and to bring them closer with potential place of practice and employers.

Photo gallery from Career day 2019

Next Career day will happen on 6th of March, 2020.

RTU Golden fund

Gold Fund’s aim is to honor the best graduates of the RTU, to inform the society about their achievements, social activities, science projects and to promote their careers.

Photo gallery from RTU Golden fund ceremony 2018.

RTU Golden fund ceremony happens every September.

Regulation of RTU Golden fund.

Green pepper

Educational film about creating your career. Is internship also a job? How your behaviour influences your opportunities to have dream job? Is it worth to work while studying?

Green pepper 5

Green pepper 4