Job speed dating

WHAT? Visas Iespējas & RTU Career Day “Job speed-dating” event

WHERE? International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala, exhibition hall on 2nd Floor

WHEN? 6th of March 13.00 – 15.00 (LAT) / 15.00 – 17.00 (ENG)

WHO? Young people who are looking for a full or part-time job
Have you experienced that looking for a job can take a lot of time and in the end, you still don’t get what you wanted? Instead of sending several CV’s and motivation letters, meet companies “eye to eye” in a non-formal environment during RTU Career day “Job speed-dating” event which will happen on the 6th of March at 13:00 in the International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala, 2nd floor.

Meet several interesting companies representing different sectors! 4-minute conversation with each representative will give you a chance to ask questions, tell about your talents and find out whether there’s a “match”!

Event will happen in two parts: first part, which will happen from 13.00-15.00, will be in Latvian and meant for participants who can freely communicate in Latvian, while the second part of the event will happen in English from 15.00-17.00 and will be meant for foreigners living in Latvia and looking for a job.

After each part, there’s also going to be half an hour for some networking that you can use to ask some extra questions and talk with representatives that you didn’t get the interviews with.
PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT: Participation is for FREE. However, to apply, you need to fill in a form until 23rd of February:
Registration FORM for the 2nd part in English.
IMPORTANT! After registration, you need to fill in a longer questionnaire, that we’ll send to your e-mail address closer to the start of the event. Afterwards, we’ll contact you to announce the results of the selection process.

Do you want to find your job “match”? You have all the opportunities!

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