The Baltic Science Network Mobility Programme for Research Internship (BARI)

BARI stands for Baltic Science Network Mobility Programme for Research Internships. BARI offers summer research internships with appropriate academic training across the Baltic Sea Region to students with interest in Life Sciences, Photon & Neutron Science and Welfare State.

During their internship, students will assist in research and lab work for a proposed project.
They will be hosted by doctoral students who wish to strengthen their ties within the Baltic
Sea Region (defined as members of the Council of the Baltic Sea States: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Russia and the observer member Belarus) by hosting a motivated and well-qualified student.
Successful applicants will receive a scholarship to help cover living expenses and travel costs. Funding is available for a period of up to three months Working language will be English.

The Baltic Science Network Mobility Programme for Research Internships (BARI) has four objectives:
1.To provide promising students (interns) with the opportunity to gain research experience in an exciting project of their choice.
2.To provide doctoral candidates (hosts) with additional skills (intercultural skills, language skills, personal management competencies) which are of prime importance in the global workplace.
3.To raise awareness of the next generation of researchers of the value of international cooperation within the Baltic Region.
4.To support high quality research projects.

Who can apply?
PhD students can apply to host an international student during a summer research internship.
The PhD student should be employed by or affiliated with an accredited academic institution or a non-profit research institution, working in the field of Life Science, Photon & Neutron Science and Welfare State within the Baltic Sea Region. They should be motivated to work closely together with an international intern who would like to contribute to their research project.
Bachelor and Master students can apply for the opportunity to work in one of the research projects which have been offered by the PhD students. They should be studying at a university within the Baltic Sea Region and they should be enrolled as a student during the whole duration of the internship.

How does the application process work?

The process (Steps 1 to 4) ensures an optimum fit between the intern and their host.
Placements which are not accepted by the intern and the host are avoided.
The database and the broad promotion of the programme ensures a widespread effect which cannot be achieved by an individual institution.
The bottom-up structure promotes personal initiative.
The flexibility of the structure allows for an easy integration into institutional strategies.
The scholarship funders’ engagement can easily be adjusted to the individual objectives and resources.

Schedule and Deadlines

01.02 – 23.02.2020 Web portal opens for PhD students to submit their proposals. Researchers register online and submit an internship offer.

24.02 – 28.02.2020 Evaluation and release of the PhD project proposals into the portal database.

29.02 – 31.03.2020 Web portal opens for BA/MA students to submit their application for BARI research internship.

29.02 – 06.04.2020 Web portal opens for professors to send their references.

11.04 – 19.04.2020 PhD host students rank the applications to their projects.

20.04 – 25.04.2020 Matchmaking: The Portal administrator places students with internship projects and administrates the scholarships.

27.04- 08.05.2020 The PhD host students and the applicants are informed about the outcome of the selection process

01.06 – 16.10.2020 Internship period (the starting date and the duration of the internship are arranged between the PhD student and the prospective intern)

For further Information on BARI please visit website or contact Ms. Nina Ms. Nina Akrami Flores (

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