From Ambition To Mission. Smart Goal Workshop.

On 15th January learn the secrets of the successful few!

Almost all New Year’s resolutions don’t really last, and that’s a bummer. Rarely is it the case that we don’t want to reach our goals – regardless of whether we decide to reach them at the beginning of the year, at the end of it, or anywhere in between. And what’s worse is the feeling of guilt and sometimes even hopelessness that comes with lack of success.

There are a few neat techniques that really help us reach our goals, and we’ll teach you how to apply them to your life. On the one hand it can help you protect yourself from burnout and reach ever so higher. On the other – use these to help others because the very same feelings might be familiar for your teammates, friends, and family.

We will teach you how to set smart goals and follow through, you’ll recieve a hands-on workshop from two instructors:

Rick Jacobus will give an introduction to the event as well as an overview on how to plan your life without getting stuck and bored

Sintija Stalgeviča will introduce neuro-linguistic programming, its physical effects on one’s mind, and using it to change one’s behaviour by managing one’s identity.

The event will take place in English, and is free of charge. Make sure to take with you a notepad and pen. 

More information is availabe here.

These workshops have limited places. 

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