Want to speak at TEDxRiga 2019? Enter Story Hunt contest

If you have an idea worth spreading and a story to be told, enter our Story Hunt for a chance to speak on the stage at TEDxRiga 2019. Ideas are worth sharing so don’t keep yours under wraps. Together, we’ll make your idea heard!


What is your outlook on life and is there something significant you’ve noticed?
Are you working on something that might change and shape the future or maybe you have a vision that the rest of the world should hear?
Do you see a certain way things should be and you’ve already done the research on how it could work?
If you are a person who likes to think about the problems that engulf the world and you see a way on how to deal with them then maybe it’s time for your voice to be heard.



More information about forum and application can be found in TEDxRiga webpage.