TechChill 2020 brīvprātīgo komanda

Techchill ir atvēris pieteikšanos TechChill 2020 brīvprātīgo komandai! Mēs meklēsim līdz 130 entuziasma pilnus aktīvus jauniešus, kas gatavi pievienoties kādai no mūsu komandām. Tā ir lieliska iespēja iepazīt jaunuzņēmumu pasauli, veidot kontaktus un gūt vērtīgu pieredzi, vairāk informācijas šeit    

Zinātniskā konference ASBBMC 20′ “Business and Finance: Multi-perspectives of the Digital Age”

2020.gada februārī ( no 18.02.-20.02.) plkst. 10:00 Banku augstskolā norisināsies konference ASBBMC 20′ “Business and Finance: Multi-perspectives of the Digital Age”.

Laipni tiek aicināti gan pētnieki, gan docētāji, gan doktoranti, kuru zinātniskās darbības intereses atbilst konferences tematiskajam ietvaram. U\zsvars liek likts uz to, ka labprāt iepazīsimies nevien ar ekonomikas, vadības, finanšu, tostarp organizāciju teoriju pārstāvju veikumu, bet arī ar starpdisciplināru piedāvājumu, kas raksturo digitalizācijas radītos efektus šajās un citās līdzīgās jomās.

Konference paredz arī tādu formātu, kā “konference kā platforma” – to piedāvājam kā nodalītu sesiju starptautiskām zinātnisko institūciju pētniecības vai zināšanu alianšu projektu grupām, nodrošinot videokonferenču vai ieraksta iespējas.

Konferencē ir iespēja piedalīties gan ar ziņojumu, gan postera prezentāciju formā, savukārt uz konferences prezentāciju pamata sagatavotos zinātniskos rakstus rīkotāji pēc konferences (iesniegšana kārtējam numuram līdz aprīļa sākumam) publicē zinātniskajā žurnālā “Journal of Business Management” (Ebsco, etc.).

Vairāk informācijas un pieteikšanās ŠEIT.

The first-ever Latvian Space Conference

The first-ever Latvian Space Conference for students and young professionals, interested in Space Exploration and current job opportunities in this sector available for Latvians, is about to happen. You are warmly invited!
Speakers & Topics: 1) Gertrud Talvik (ESA), “European Space Agency’s opportunities” 2) Amara Graps (LU), “Utilization of Space Resources”. 3) Tālis Juhna (RTU), “Biology for space needs” 4) Pavel Ramzajev (Eventech), “High precision Space Timers” 5) Kaspars Kalniņš (RTU), “Materials for Space” Date: 29 November 2019, Venue: LMT Conference Hall, Ropazu iela 6 Program:
  • 09:30-10:00 Check-in
  • 10:00-13:00 Speakers’ Session
  • 13:00-14:00 Lunch and Networking
  • 14:00-16:00 Project Idea Workshop
Registration:  Latvian-space-conference-tickets @ *participation is free of charge but the number of places is limited. Websites:

Digital Freedom Festival 2019

Tap into your inner unicorn & become part of Digital Freedom Festival 2019 Volunteer Squad!   The Digital Freedom Festival is a meeting place to celebrate digital culture, seek the answers to our future, and discuss the benefits of the digital revolution. We’re looking for ambitious and committed volunteers to help ensure that the DFF is a mind-blowing, memory overloading, never-ending fun and successfully overwhelming experience for all attendees!   It will take place in Riga, Latvia, November 14th (@various locations), November 15th (@Hanzas Perons)   This year Digital Freedom Festival will focus on the impact of technology on sustainable development and the role of humans in the new technology age.   Volunteering at the Digital Freedom Festival is a great opportunity to: • Experience what goes on behind the scenes at one of the most influential technology festivals in the Baltics by helping create an outstanding event • Network and gather contacts for your future career, and make new friends • Learn about the latest trends, hot topics, issues and gain insight into the worldwide digital culture • Gather inspiration from the various events and motivating speakers, as well as feel and observe the surrounding spirit of entrepreneurship • Test your skills and gain new knowledge, as well as share your experience Become part of the DFF team – gain invaluable firsthand experience that you will never forget!   Apply here>> to have some fun and get stuff done!

Potentialpark Study 2020

We know that searching for jobs may be easy, but finding the right one is not a walk in the park.     By sharing your thoughts in our study, you are shaping the future of recruitment!     And as a thank you gift, you will get access to several rewards!
  • Exclusive tips and tricks on landing your dream job
  • Attendance to a Personal Branding Webinar
  • Chance to win Amazon Vouchers
  • Tailored list of internships from Top Talent Friendly Companies
  • An opportunity to meet top global employers at our Potentialpark Conference.
  Start the SURVEY and score all the rewards!    When you complete the survey you will be sent a tailored list of internships based on your answers!

Mūzikas un mākslas festivāls “BILDES”

Klāt rudens….Un tradicionāli klāt arī “BILDES”- šoreiz jau 34.reizi.
Priecājamies pastāstīt, ka Mūzikas un mākslas festivāls “BILDES”notiks no 17. oktobra līdz 16. novembrim”. Koncerti būs klausāmi mūzikas namā “Daile”, mūzikas klubā “Kaļķu vārti” un VEF Kultūras pilī. Šogad sāksim jau 21. oktobrī ar BLŪZA koncertu, ko varētu saukt arī par festivālu festivālā! Nenokavējiet! Taču vēl pirms tam 17. oktobrī t/c “Spice Home” tiks atklāta festivāla mūziķu un mākslinieku veidotā izstāde “Pastkastītes”. Plašāka informācija  Visi būsiet mīļi gaidīti skatītāju un klausītāju rindās! Aicinu sekot līdzi jaunumiem festivāla Facebook mājas lapā.  

Biotech & Sustainability

To honor our new residence – the former faculty of Biology – at this months meet-up we want to talk about the awesomness behind biotech. For the last decade it’s been a particularly hot topic not only among scientists, academia and policy makers worldwide, but has become a considerable issue even in our households. While Biotech develops breakthrough ways to fight diseases, feed the hungry, have safer, cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes, sustainability looks to protect our natural environment, human and ecological health, while driving innovation and not compromising our way of life. Our speakers are experienced in both and will gladly share their ways. Join us October 17 at 18:00-21:00 at TechHub Riga Kronvalda bulvaris 4, Riga. Find applications form in the Facebook event description.   Solvita Kostjukova has a more than 10 year experience in product R&D within various Universities and Public companies. She is co-founder and CEO at ALINA – a company that uses innovative zero waste technology in manufacturing paint and coating materials by thus reducing environmental pollution, and impact on people’s health and wellbeing.   Anna Ramata-Stunda is the co-founder and CEO at Alternative Plants – a start-up dedicated to bring natural treasures and sustainability to cosmetic industry. She is a PhD candidate in Biotechnology and has vast experience in botanical extract characterisation and in vitro efficacy and safety testing. If you are interested in finding desk space and be a part of our community you can join us here.

Internship and Jobs Opportunities in Greece with Job Trust

On November 28 at 15:30 in Riga Technical University (RTU), Azenes street 12/1, room 116, Job Trust company will inform students and graduates about the Job and Internship Opportunities they have around Greece. For more than 12 years, Job Trust has been recruiting, selecting and placing highly qualified personnel in luxury hotels and resorts around Greece and beyond. We pride ourselves in being able to combine cost-effective and suitable HR services for the tourism industry with free of charge placement and advice for thousands of selected candidates. Through our collaboration with more than 500 universities in more than 20 countries, we are able to provide a large number of luxury hotels and resorts in Greece and abroad with staff carefully selected at the highest standards.   Every year, thousands of students from all over Europe choose Job Trust to come and work in one of Greece’s finest hotels and resorts. They get to complete their training on the job, work at top hotels, in top tourist destinations, alongside top professionals. They experience how large hotels and luxury resorts work and they enrich their CV’s before even getting their degree. They do a lot more than work though. They learn how to adapt to a different culture, they meet people from all over the world, they get to practice their foreign languages, they take in all the beauty that Greece has to offer, and last but certainly not least: they make friendships that last for a lifetime.   If you want to participate in presentation, please fill application form.   For more information you may visit our company’s site

Scholarship Opportunity for Globally-Minded Leader

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – is offering a €5000 scholarship to one ambitious Master’s student studying abroad in Europe in the fall of 2020. The scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding leader that is motivated to positively change the world.   The motivation behind the scholarship is’s desire to support a generation of new leaders that are internationally-minded and passionate about global betterment. The ideal applicant will be an ambitious student that has been active in extracurricular activities and has maintained outstanding grades.   To prove their commitment to a vision of an interconnected and improved world, applicants are asked to submit a short essay that highlights how studying abroad will foster their growth as a leader. Prospective master’s-level students will have from April 8, 2019 until April 13, 2020 to submit their applications. The winner of the €5000 scholarship will be announced from June 1, 2020 and awarded in the fall of 2020.   Find more information and start your application here   About is part of EMG – Educations Media Group, the leader in education marketing in Northern Europe. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, EMG reaches out to students worldwide through its leading online services, comprehensive media partners, print, school visits and education fairs.  

Piesakies praksei ASV!

Līdz 31. oktobrim studenti vai nesenie augstskolu absolventi, kas augstāko izglītību ieguvuši pēdējo sešu mēnešu laikā, aicināti pieteikties Baltijas-Amerikas Brīvības Fonda (BAFF) stipendijai 30 000 ASV dolāru apmērā, kas sniedz iespēju strādāt uzņēmumā vai institūtā ASV uz laiku līdz vienam gadam. BAFF prakses programma piedāvā iespēju papildināt profesionālās zināšanas un iegūt starptautisku pieredzi jebkurā izvēlētajā jomā.

  Programma paredz studentiem doties uz ASV, lai 8 vai 12 mēnešus strādātu kādā no Amerikas uzņēmumiem, valsts institūcijām, pētniecības centriem vai nevalstiskajām organizācijām, kas katram programmas dalībniekam tiek piemeklēts individuāli. Programmas laikā dalībnieki saņem pilna apmēra stipendiju līdz 30 000 ASV dolāru gadā, kas iekļauj visu nepieciešamo atbalstu – ceļa izdevumu segšanu, veselības apdrošināšanas izmaksas, līdzekļus ikdienas tēriņiem. Būtiskākie kritēriji, izvēloties stipendiātus, ir kandidātu motivācija un skaidra nākotnes vīzija, vēlēšanās gūt starptautisku profesionālo pieredzi, kā arī labas angļu valodas zināšanas. BAFF prakses programmai var pieteikties dažādu jomu studenti, pārstāvot visdažādākās Latvijas vai pasaules augstskolas.   Piesakoties programmai līdz 31. oktobrim, stipendiju ieguvēji uz ASV dosies nākamā gada pavasarī. Dalība Baltijas-Amerikas Brīvības Fonda programmās ir bez maksas, stipendiātus izvēloties konkursa kārtībā.   Plašāks ieskats par konkursa nosacījumiem un pieteikšanās BAFF Prakses programmas stipendijai mājaslapā   Kontaktinformācija: Ilze Bembere BAFF stipendijas Latvijā e-pasts: tel. 67035270