Seminārs par prakses iespējām Japānā / Internship in Japan


Seminārs notiks 28. februārī, plkst. 14:15 Āzenes ielā 12-K1, 116.telpā.


Seminar about internship possibilities will be happening on February 28 14:15 in Azenes street 12-K1, room 116.


Vairāk informācijas par prakses iespējām Japāņu uzņēmumā Willings, Inc.:

Who are we and what do we do?

– Willings, Inc. is a talent management company based in Tokyo, Japan. We are giving an internship opportunity to all the tech/engineering (computer related field) students to work with companies from Japan and get full exposure and experience of working and living in Japan with many awesome benefits like accommodation, flight tickets, compensation, an opportunity of getting a job offer, etc.

Requirements for trainees

-They should be engineering students and should ace the interview to get selected!

Amount of trainees

-We don’t have a fixed number. As this is what we do, we will give out internships to all the students who clear the interview.

Student selection process/Provided service list to the trainees by our company

– The student has to register for the program. Once they are registered on the platform, they will be sent a link for a coding test. All the students who clear the test have to have a casual interview with Willings,Inc. This is the point where we shortlist and match the students with their most suited company.

After this, the company will have a short discussion/interview with the candidate and they are through!

Once they are selected by the company, we will take care of the welfare for all the students which include VISA support, providing a compensation, flight tickets, accommodation, travel commute reimbursement. Additionally, we provide support to the student once they are in Japan like picking up from the airport, room/apartment tour, introduction to the team, etc.

Deadline for applying

– Interested students can apply right after the seminar till March 8, 2019.

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  1. Manu arun varghese
    Manu arun varghese says:

    hai Unfortunately i could not attend the seminar which conducts on 28th February 2019 in RTU.i would like to register for internship in japan.May i know how to register for the internship in Japan


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