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Welcome to the “International Conference on Trends & Innovations in Management, Engineering, Science & Humanities” (ICTIMESH-2018) being held in Dubai during December 20- 23, 2018. ICTIMESH-18 is the most preeminent conference focused on the various aspects of Humanities, Science & Technology, and Business Management and aimed to showcase the latest and everlasting research trends, frontiers, innovations, advancements & developments in the contemporary disciplines.
ICTIMESH-18 is a premier gathering of professors, scientists, engineers, technologists, planners, managers, innovators, policy makers, student researchers, and others interested for sharing new ideas, research results and experiences across the globe. The forum will turn out to be a knowledge pool for the interdisciplinary exchange of visionary ideas propelled from the stalwarts of diverse streams focusing on unifying themes. The professionals from research agencies, business enterprises, academia and government have been invited to deliver discourses on R&D, industrial practice, and upcoming managerial issues. This conference will not only facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration amongst varied disciplines but will also boost international networking of participants.
ICTIMESH-18 will consist of the regular & special sessions to make it an ideal platform for covering and reviewing practical challenges and emerging prospects in diverse themes of the conference and evolve from ideation to implementation with the help of leaders in these domains. In order to qualitatively screen the written accords of scholars, academicians and researchers, a peer review team has been constituted. The aim of this panel headed by well-known experts is to churn out the original thoughts and thoroughly researched ideas. Since the ICTIMESH is a womb of futuristic innovations, so it is designed to get the best out of the best. The skeletal structure of the conference is designed on the corporate training curriculum. The participants will be given enough space of expression and emphasis will be laid on sowing seeds of excellence through ice breaking sessions along with plenary lectures.

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